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📝 Adding commands

If you want to send messages, or execute commands as the console, or as the player, you can make it by using /animation command add command.


In all commands you can add %player% and %frame% placeholders if you need it.

📚 Command types


Remember that the frame list and the command list start at index 0, so, the first frame corresponds to index 0, and the second, to index 1.

Message 📨

You can add messages to any frame of you animation using the MiniMessage Format to display colored and beautifull info to your users.

Player 👤

You can dispatch commands as the user, just select the player option and put the command (without the slash).

Console 💻

As with the player commands, you can execute commands as the console by using the console option and setting the command (also without the slash).

⚙ Adding to the animation

Continuing with our example animation, we are gonna add some commands and messages. First, we will add a player command to say also hello.

Commands example

  • Command: /animation command add test 0 player me Hello :D!

Now, we will give some money yo each player and send a message saying they are the richest user in the server.

Commands example

  • Commands:
    • /animation command add test 2 console eco give %player% 10000
    • /animation command add test 2 message <reset>Now you are the <gold><bold>richest<reset> user in the server

💫 Result

After all commands added, our config should looks like this.

    name: test
    fps: 1.0
    use-minimessage: true
      - <gold>Welcome user!
      - Thanks for using
      - <gradient:#0EECFF:#008AE0>HyrexAnimations</gradient> :D
    sounds: {}
        - '[PLAYER] me Hello :D!'
        - '[CONSOLE] eco give %player% 10000'
        - '[MESSAGE] <reset>Now you are the <gold><bold>richest<reset> user in the server'

And in-game looks like this:

Commands result

🗑️ Deleting commands

If you want to delete any animation commands, you just need to use the /animation command remove command. Then, you can select the animation, the frame, and the index to delete. If you want to delete all commands in a frame, just ignore the index argument and leave it empty.

For example, to remove the player command added on the example animation, you just need to execute /animation command remove test 0, which will remove all commands from frame 0, and if you want to remove the message of the last frame, execute /animation command remove test 2 1, which will remove the second command of the third index.