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📦 Products

Actually, we have two types of products, Assets Products & Minecraft Plugins. But if your objetive is to have unique and custom stuff in your server, you can commission any type of product, such as custom logo, or custom models for your mobs, by creating a 🎫 Ticket in our Discord Server.


Buy our products only from official shops. We won't give support for those who didn't buy the product from any official shop.

💻 Minecraft Plugins

Hyrex Animations 🎬

With Hyrex Animations you can create amazing animations with texturepack (or not) and show them to your users, modifying their frames, commands, sounds, colors, and more.

Hyrex Animations Banner

🖌️ Assets Products

You can have a search throught our assets products in our MCModels store, and in our Polymart profile.

Halloween Hotbar 🎃

Let your users use the scariest hotbar of the whole server.

Halloween Hotbar Banner

Blossom Hotbar 🌸

A hotbar pack for users to immerse themselves more in the server. With the style of the blossom update, it can help you a lot with a big 1.20 update.

Blossom Hotbar Banner

Custom Ranks 👑

With Custom Ranks Pack, you can give amazing tags to your server ranks, both for vip ranks, staff ranks, or for your YouTubers and Streamers. 🎥

Custom Ranks Banner

Summer Vehicles 🛥

If you want your users to be able to surf, drive a motorboard, or have a float, Summer Vehicles Pack is your best option.

Summer Vehicles Banner

Medieval Cosmetics ⚔️

Wear your crown, your gold bag, and the dragon balloon and be the king of your whole kingdom.

Medieval Cosmetics Banner

UFO & Aliens 👽

Wanna drive an UFO? Or have the scariest alien balloon? UFO & Aliens Pack will expand your server to the outer space. 🪐

UFO & Aliens Banner