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🔍 Conditions

Conditions let you select to whom the animation will be shown, searching by having (or not) a permission, or creating an expression with PlaceholderAPI placeholders.

📚 Condition types


Select only those users who have the indicated permission.


Perfect for showing your animation to your users without a vip rank.


Show your animation to users who pass the expression configured, learn how to create expression in the expressions tutorial.

⭐ Creating a condition

Create a condition is really easy, the only thing you need is execute the /animation condition create <name> <type> <value>, where the value is:

  • in HAS_PERMISSION: the permission the player has to have
  • in NOT_HAVE_PERMISSION: the permission the player doesn't have to have
  • in EXPRESSION: the expression

🔁 Parsing a condition

With the /animation condition parse command you can know if any player passes an specific condition.

📌 Using conditions

When you show an animation, or parse a condition, you can select a condition from the config, or give a custom condition built in that moment, just select @hasPermission, @notHavePermission or @expression and give its value, it will create a temporal condition at the moment.