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📃 Basic rules

You can create custom expressions, based on any data parsed from PlaceholderAPI, but there are some rules you have to follow when you want to create any expression:

⛔ Placeholders must use brackets {} instead of percent %

To prevent expression calculation issues, placeholders must use brackets {} instead of percent %. For example, if you want to get the player name, you have to use {player_name} instead of %player_name%.

⛔ Strings must be quoted

If you want to create an expression to select the players in the PLAINS biome, the condition should be like this:

    type: EXPRESSION
    value: '"{player_biome}" == "PLAINS"'

⛔ All expressions have to return a boolean value

Any expression must return a true/false value, anyways:

  • Any non-zero value will be interpreted as true.
  • Any true (case-insensitive) string would return true.