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💡 Plugin Support

🔁 PlaceholderAPI Support

If you enable the use-papi option of any animation, you'll can add placeholders to your plain animation frames and texture animation frame modifiers. By default, you can add any placeholder to expression conditions and animation commands.

🎨 MiniMessage Support

MiniMessage format is the string representation of components, it allows you to use hex colors, gradients, button and hover actions, and more. By activating use-minimessage option, you'll could use the minimessage format in plain animation frames, and in texture animation frame modifiers. To learn how to use it, visit the MiniMessage's Wiki.

MiniMessage Example

In this example, we have enabled the use-minimessage option, which allows us to use MiniMessage color format in our frames.

  name: test
  fps: 1.0
  use-minimessage: true 
  use-papi: false
  frames: # Now these messages will have colors! 
      - "<gold>Welcome user!"
      - "Thanks for using"
      - "<gradient:#0EECFF:#008AE0>HyrexAnimations</gradient> :D"
  sounds: {}
  commands: {}